Dalkeith Engineering | Our Services
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Our Services

Dalkeith has vast of Suspension services that it offers to the motor industry. The company repairs pumps, does general machining and rebushing, repairs gearboxes and propshafts.

We repair your suspension and re-manufacture suspension parts despite the load-shedding problems. Get your things instantly.


VCM is a Dalkeith Engineering subsidiary which specialises in the manufacturing and repairing of Vehicle suspensions for various kinds of vehicles.


VCM/CH is a Dalkeith Engineering subsidiary which specialises in Vehicle Suspension accessories and spare parts.


Rampox is a Dalkeith Engineering subsidiary which specialises in Engine services, Wheel alignment and Suspension Engineering.

Dalkeith Engineering specializes in front and rear suspension. Dalkeith Engineering has vast suspension services it has been doing for the past 23 years it has been in business. The company re-manufactures Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends, Track Rods, Drag Links, Hub Axles, Fifth Wheels, Drop Arms, Idler Arms, Steering Knuckles, all Rubber Products, Suspension Bushes, King Pin Bushes and Press Fitting for all various kinds of vehicles, buses, and trucks.

The re-manufacturing has been approved by V.I.D and S.A.Z. The company is a member of the Motor Traders Association of Zimbabwe.

The company is a member of the S.A.Z Ball Joints Committee which came up with Standards of Ball Joints-Zimbabwe.

Dalkeith Engineering manufactures, remolds various types of Bushes in the transport, farming and mining industries. The company makes anything out of Rubber and polyurethane and has been doing that for the past 18 years.

On re-manufactured Ball Joints, Dalkeith Engineering gives a 3 months guarantee as the product is re-manufactured to suit the demanding conditions on our roads.

Dalkeith Engineering also supplies a range of new spares in the trucking industry like ball joints, drag links, center bearings, prop-shaft U jays, flanges, York and splines, retubing of prop shafts, etc.

We also offer Major, General and Minor service to all types of vehicles. We ensure that your vehicle is at its maximum performance, reduces fuel consumption as well as a reliable safe journey with reduced risks of accidents.

Readily Available in stock:

Freight Liner tie rod ends,

DAF/ Scania tie rod ends,

Freight Liner Columbia Drag Links,

Freight Liner DAF Drag links

King Pin sets Freight Liner,

Yutong Tie rod ends, clutch plates, brake adjuster,

DAF oil filters

Scania oil filters

The Company Manufactures bushes, flanges, shafts and does General Engineering etc

Re-building and machining of threads and bearing journals.